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Design and Realization of a Highly-Compact Tubular Linear Actuator for a Novel Total Artificial Heart
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  • Rosario Giuffrida ,
  • Raffael Senti ,
  • Johann Walter Kolar ,
  • Tim Bierewirtz ,
  • Krishnaraj Narayanaswamy ,
  • Marcus Granegger ,
  • Dominik Bortis
Rosario Giuffrida
ETH Zürich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Raffael Senti
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Johann Walter Kolar
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Tim Bierewirtz
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Krishnaraj Narayanaswamy
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Marcus Granegger
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Dominik Bortis
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The ShuttlePump is a novel implantable total artificial heart (TAH) concept based on a Linear-Rotary Actuator (LiRA) and currently under development at the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich in close partnership with Charit´e Berlin and the Medical University of Vienna.
This paper presents the analysis, design and realization of the ShuttlePump Linear Actuator (LA) part, which is necessary to provide about 45 N of axial actuation force. Design criteria are minimization of volume and generated power losses in the winding, which could result in excess heating and/or blood damage, i.e. protein denaturation and aggregation. The LA is implemented as a Tubular LA (TLA) to maximize the active area for linear/axial force generation. After a preliminary analysis based on first principles, the TLA is optimized in detail with the aid of FEM simulations. The experimental measurements conducted on the realized TLA prototype verify the FEM simulation results and confirm the suitability for the realization of the ShuttlePump TAH.
Oct 2023Published in IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics volume 4 issue 4 on pages 1010-1023. 10.1109/JESTIE.2023.3305939