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Evaluating Fairness Indicators for Local Energy Markets
  • Marthe Dynge ,
  • Erlend Nilsen Anfinnsen ,
  • Umit Cali
Marthe Dynge
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Erlend Nilsen Anfinnsen
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Umit Cali
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For local energy markets to become a widely accepted, real-life phenomenon, the models must extend beyond the techno-economical aspects and energy justice within these market structures must be thoroughly addressed. To measure the perceived fairness of a local energy market, some studies have adapted fairness indicators originated from other fields. However, it is still unclear how these indicators can accurately reflect distributional fairness in various local energy trading scenarios. This study conducts a comprehensive review and qualitative assessment of the existing fairness indicators in the local energy market literature and their ability to accurately capture different situations in the market. The study results in a discussion on their strength and limitations, and an encouragement to alter the indicators to better quantify energy justice in a local energy market context.