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Bangladesh’s Sustainable Water Production Solutions: An Analysis of Different Methods
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  • M. Abdullah Khan ,
  • Md Shamsuzzaman ,
  • Farhan Labib ,
  • Sayma Islam ,
  • Mysun Mashira ,
  • Md. Abdullah Al-Saad
M. Abdullah Khan
United International University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Md Shamsuzzaman
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Farhan Labib
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Sayma Islam
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Mysun Mashira
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Md. Abdullah Al-Saad
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In Bangladesh, access to clean water is a major problem for many areas because of its location, lack of freshwater resources, and growing population. In this paper, we explore sustainable methods for producing clean water that may help in resolving Bangladesh's problems with water shortage. We conduct a thorough analysis of several technologies and procedures that are appropriate for Bangladesh. We assess these approaches based on their cost-effectiveness, scalability, environmental impact, and sustainability. According to our findings, these technologies can be useful for alleviating Bangladesh's water shortage, particularly in rural regions where access to clean water is scarce. We also stress the value of community knowledge and participation in the effective application of these technologies.