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Denoising and Completion Filters for Human Motion Software: a Survey with Code
  • Enrico Martini ,
  • Andrea Calanca ,
  • Nicola Bombieri
Enrico Martini
University of Verona

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Andrea Calanca
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Nicola Bombieri
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Software platforms used for human motion analysis are increasingly being utilized in various fields, ranging from Healthcare to Industry 5.0. However, the inherent inaccuracy of these platforms often results in noisy descriptions of human poses or time periods during which the information is even missing. As a consequence, data filtering for denoising or completion is a common yet fundamental step before data analysis. Over the years, different techniques have been proposed, from generalpurpose solutions based on low-pass filters to more advanced and embedded approaches based on state observers rather than deep learning. This survey presents the current state-of-the-art filtering solutions for denoising and completing data generated by software platforms for human motion analysis, with a focus on 3D positional data extrapolated through marker-based or markerless motion capture systems. It proposes a concise taxonomy based on the filter technology and application assumptions. For each class, it summarizes the basic concepts and reports application feedback collected from literature. The survey also includes implementation codes or links to the authors’ original codes, allowing readers to easily reproduce all the algorithms in different experimental settings (https://github.com/PARCO-LAB/mocap-refinement).