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Sign Language Recognition in the Hindi Language Based on Computer Vision
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  • Chhaya Grover ,
  • Avni Rajpoot ,
  • Aditya Verma ,
  • Ayush Patel
Chhaya Grover
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Avni Rajpoot
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Aditya Verma
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Ayush Patel

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To communicate, speech impaired people use hand signs and gestures. The ordinary people are faced with difficulties in knowing what they're attempting to communicate. There's a lot of systems that are converting information to Hindi, but it's very rare. It is therefore necessary to introduce a system whereby all signs, gestures and messages can be recognised and communicated to the general public. It will bridge the gap between people with speech impairments and ordinary folk.Recognition of sign language and learning are the main research methods based on human interaction with computers. For data transfer to be recognised in sign language, multiple sensors are needed. In this Research Paper, the design of a training tool in Hindi that senses an image is targeted at those who are impaired with their speech and thus provides information as to what another person wishes to communicate.