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Wireless Event-Logging For wBMS
  • Karmugilan Murugu ,
  • Dr. M Govinda Raju ,
  • Srikantha Sreenivasa
Karmugilan Murugu
RV College of Engineering, RV College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dr. M Govinda Raju
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Srikantha Sreenivasa
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A wireless Battery Management System is a valuable system that manages and monitors the health of battery packs using wireless communication protocols. It provides real-time data on important battery parameters such as state of charge, state of health, and temperature without the need for physical connections or wiring. The system consists of individual wBMS nodes within each battery module, connected to a network manager. During firmware development, event logs are crucial for debugging, auditing, predictive maintenance, and performance analysis. However, the existing wired event logging system for wBMS is time-consuming and challenging to set up and maintain, especially for large-scale deployments. To address this, a wireless event logging system was developed using IEEE 802.11n, Internet Protocol, and User Datagram Protocol to relay event logs to a centralized database. The ESP-01 module with the ESP8266 System on Chip was chosen as the hardware. The resulting system proved to be robust, easily deployable, and cost-effective. It achieved reliable event log reception in a 15-node setup, with each node capable of relaying up to 200 event logs per second. The wireless event logging system offers significant benefits, including simplified setup, efficient data transmission, and reduced costs compared to traditional wired solutions.