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Low Output Power Ripple Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer based on Dual-Phase Non-Overlapped Transmitters
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  • Wenli Shi ,
  • Jianning Dong ,
  • Guangyao Yu ,
  • gangwei zhu ,
  • Pavol Bauer
Wenli Shi
Delft University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jianning Dong
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Guangyao Yu
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gangwei zhu
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Pavol Bauer
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One of the challenges of dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT) systems for electric vehicle (EV) charging applications is to reduce pick-up power fluctuation. Building a multiphase transmitter (Tx) is proven to be effective in stabilizing the pick-up power in literature, while the major drawback is a significant increment in the material cost on the Tx side. This paper proposed a new magnetic coupler mechanism that can achieve a low-ripple pick-up power without increasing the material cost on the Tx side. The operating principle of the proposed DWPT system is explained in detail. Besides, an optimization method is introduced to find the optimal deployment of Tx and receiver (Rx) coils, and the optimal ripple of the Rx induced voltage is below 17.1%. Finally, a prototype is built according to the optimization results and the measured curve of the direct current (DC) voltage across the load resistor has the same pattern as the calculated results with a 7.8% higher ripple due to the fabricating error of the coils.