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Prompt Sapper: LLM-Empowered Software Engineering Infrastructure for AI-Native Services
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  • Zhenchang Xing ,
  • Qing Huang ,
  • Yu Cheng ,
  • Liming Zhu ,
  • Lu, Qinghua ,
  • Xu, Xiwei
Zhenchang Xing
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Qing Huang
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Yu Cheng
Jiangxi Normal University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Liming Zhu
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Lu, Qinghua
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Xu, Xiwei
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Foundation models, such as GPT-4, DALL-E have brought unprecedented AI “operating system” effect and new forms of human-AI interaction, sparking a wave of innovation in AI-native services, where natural language prompts serve as executable “code” directly (prompt as executable code), eliminating the need for programming language as an intermediary and opening up the door to personal AI. Prompt Sapper has emerged in response, committed to support the development of AI-native services by AI chain engineering. It creates a large language model (LLM) empowered software engineering infrastructure for authoring AI chains through human-AI collaborative intelligence, unleashing the AI innovation potential of every individual, and forging a future where everyone can be a master of AI innovation. This article will introduce the R\&D motivation behind Prompt Sapper, along with its corresponding AI chain engineering methodology and technical practices.