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Non-coherent view on NOMA-MIMO transmission
  • Valeri Kontorovich
Valeri Kontorovich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This material is fully dedicated to the “Incoherent approach for Power NOMA-RIS-MIMO transmission in wireless channels”. Such kind of approach might be successfully applied in dense networks formed by high-speed-vehicles (HSV networks, etc.), as those scenarios take place in Doubly-Selective communication channels typical for such kind of radio networks. The proposal for the, hereafter presented, incoherent view (“paradigm”) is based on several basic principles: - Rejection of the Channel State Information (CSI, CSIT) approach, i.e. rejection of the “coherent” paradigm (ideology); - Application of the so-called “invariant” (in relation to the communication channel’s distortions) modulation technique; - Orthogonal channel decomposition by means of “universal” eigen-basis (in the form of Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, PSWF) as “artificial trajectories” of wave propagation. - Chaotic filtering (with chaos parameters settings as UE signatures) together with sequential multiuser parallel detection algorithms for users’ identification. It is shown that the proposed paradigm might provide an effective use of the radio-resource and it is relatively simple for implementation.