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Defining Quantum Games
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  • Laura Piispanen ,
  • Marcel Pfaffhauser ,
  • Annakaisa Kultima ,
  • James Wootton ,
  • Julian Togelius
Laura Piispanen
Aalto University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Marcel Pfaffhauser
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Annakaisa Kultima
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James Wootton
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Julian Togelius
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In this article, we explore the concept of quantum games. We define quantum games as any type of playable games that are related to or reference quantum physics through any of three proposed dimensions: the perceivable dimension of quantum physics, the dimension of quantum technologies, and the dimension of scientific purposes. The rise of quantum computers has made it possible to think about a new wave of computer games, namely, quantum computer games, games on quantum computers. At the same time, there are various games exploring quantum mechanics and related topics through digital, analogue, and hybrid means. In this article we go through the emerging body of quantum games, the history of quantum games, and the different ways a game may be considered a quantum game. We propose that three dimensions of quantum games identified in this article are used for analysing and defining the phenomenon of quantum games.