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ChatGPT vs
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  • Imtiaz Ahmed ,
  • Mashrafi Kajol ,
  • Uzma Hasan ,
  • Partha Protim Datta
Imtiaz Ahmed
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mashrafi Kajol
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Uzma Hasan
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Partha Protim Datta
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This paper presents a comprehensive survey that explores and compares the capabilities and features of ChatGPT and Bard. We delve into their architectures, training methodologies, performance evaluations, and limitations across various domains. Ethical considerations such as biases and potential misconduct are also examined.
Our findings highlight ChatGPT’s exceptional performance, positioning it as a leading model. This survey is a vital resource for scholars, innovators, and interested parties operating within the domain of conversational artificial intelligence, offering valuable insights for the advancement of cutting-edge language models.