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Safe Iterative Feedback Linearization Control Design for Collaborative Robots
  • Aliasghar Arab
Aliasghar Arab
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Abstract--- Intelligent autonomous robotic systems are not limited to industrial applications and are being used for professional service and household domains. The vast amount of these robots are designed to work alongside humans in close proximity which pushes the need for safety-guaranteed control systems. Assuring the safety of humans and the environment while maintaining the performance of the robot is still a challenging problem. We proposed a safe iterative feedback linearization control method for the safe operation of collaborative robots. This proposed approach combines feedback linearization with intelligent predictive algorithms to achieve stable and safe control of the robot's motion. By using real-time feedback and monitoring user interactions, I demonstrate how to improve performance over time while maintaining safety. Our proposed method shows how to safely improve performance in collaborative robotics applications. Experimental results show our designed control system is a promising approach for achieving safe and efficient control of collaborative robots.