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Bihar Tourism Management System
  • Vishal Pandey ,
  • Ankesh kumar ,
  • Ashish Kumar Sinha
Vishal Pandey
Galgotias University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ankesh kumar
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Ashish Kumar Sinha
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The Bihar Tourism Management System (BTMS) is an online tool that was created to administer and promote tourism in the Indian state of Bihar. The system’s goal is to make it easy for travelers to find information about travel options, accommodations, and other relevant businesses.Visitors to the BTMS portal can use it to plan and book their travel online. The system’s user-friendly interface allows tourists to plan and book their vacations to a variety of tourist destinations in Bihar.The purpose of this document is to discuss ways to improve tourists’ overall experiences and further promote tourism within the state. As information becomes more readily available, systems should offer helpful information about popular tourist spots in Bihar, including any cultural relevance.The system can be designed with the help of artificial intelligence to support multiple languages to cater to the needs of tourists who do not speak English or Hindi. The system can also have a feedback mechanism where tourists can rate their experience and provide feedback on how the system can be improved. This feedback can help to identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes. Additionally, marketing efforts should be improved to attract more tourists to Bihar.