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Future Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Challenges in the Healthcare Sector
  • tejas falke
tejas falke

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The rapid the rate of change for each sector India’s healthcare system is without a doubt the best aspect of modern civilization. Particularly, the industry has seen substantial changes with improved biomedical technologies and India’s healthcare industry is at an all-time high, performing inconceivable procedures using robots. Robots might become as prevalent as automobiles, computers, and cell phones in the future. Robots will operate in homes and offices, assist in hospitals, classrooms, and industries, assist in the operation of farms and mines, and explore the skies, land, sea, and space. They will assist the elderly and persons with disabilities with their daily activities. They will be able to carry out routine or hazardous duties. They will be among the first responders in the event of a natural disaster, rescuing victims and protecting people from harm. Large and small groups of humans and robots will work together reliably and efficiently, improving the quality of life and work for both individuals and society. Robots play an important part in medical research and healthcare by performing procedures and other responsibilities that were previously done by humans. Robots help patients, administrators, healthcare systems, and other organizations in a variety of ways to improve people’s health and well- being, and they have simplified many sophisticated surgical procedures that were previously difficult to understand. Despite the fact that there is a lot of literature on the subject, various health-care components, a thorough examination of how robots can assist various healthcare administration entities remains necessary. What obstacles will healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, and others confront in the future. This paper aims to address that void by describing the role Robotics are increasingly being used in medical and healthcare settings, notably for patient support and surgical procedures, Our exam covers a wide variety of topics in patient care, hospital and healthcare administration. Human nurses are being phased out of the nursing profession in favour of humanoid robots. Routine nursing care dictated fully by prescribed processes, and performing nursing tasks would be best completed by machines; future nursing practices will go beyond the execution of nursing activities to reach projected outcomes.