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Analysis and Fabrication of a Coreless-Rotor, Large Air Gap, High-Speed Induction Motor for Rotating Anode of X-Ray Tubes
  • Ramin Safarpour ,
  • Payam Emami
Ramin Safarpour
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Payam Emami
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This study aims to present a design for an induction motor tailored for rotating X-ray tube anodes, incorporating a non-ferromagnetic high-speed rotor and a large air gap between rotor and stator. In this application, the rotor is operating in a vacuum environment. The paper introduces the fundamental operation of the device, followed by the introduction of an analytical method based on the sub-domain technique. To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the analytical model, comprehensive validation is conducted using two- and three-dimensional finite element methods. Additionally, a purpose-built testbed is constructed to provide practical verification of both the analytical model and the proposed motor design, validating their real-world applicability and performance.