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Vysikaylo' cumulative plasma cannon on the protection of the Earth from meteorites
  • Philipp Vysikaylo
Philipp Vysikaylo
Moscow State Regional University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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De Broglie reported that particles behave like waves. The author proves that de Broglie waves of free electrons in the plasma tail of a meteoroid behave like electromagnetic waves in a quantum resonator (laser) and form a beam (jet) of high-energy electrons directed into the meteoroid. A jet of high-energy electrons formed in the plasma tail behind the meteoroid sprays the meteoroid with the help of a Coulomb explosion (or a series of them).   Based on this idea, we proposed and investigated a new 4D inertial-polarization-quantum cumulative-dissipative Vysikaylo’s mechanism for the fragmentation of meteoroids and small comets (self-protection of the Earth from meteoroids) into simple ions and electrons.