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Multiple Channel Network Scheme employing Hybrid FSO and NB-PLC for smart city environment
  • Ashish Sharma ,
  • Pranav Santosh Huilgol
Ashish Sharma
Manipal Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Pranav Santosh Huilgol
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The practical design of Free-space optical communication (FSOs) faces significant challenges due to atmospheric turbulence and pointing errors. To overcome these obstacles, a hybrid technology combining FSO with NB-PLC scheme has been analyzed in this paper. The study evaluates the area coverage of a hybrid model of Power Line Communication (PLC) and Free Space Optical Communication (FSO) by measuring the Successful Transmission Probability (STP) and probability of error. The analysis assumes that the PLC channel undergoes Rayleigh fading, while FSO links are modeled using the Gamma?Gamma distribution. An algorithm is used to weigh each link by its Successful Transmission Probability (STP) and select the best possible path using the Single Channel Selection scheme (SCS). The Monte Carlo simulation results demonstrate that the pro?posed system is highly advantageous in smart city environments where channel fading is dynamic.