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Solutions of Kerr Black Holes subject to Naked Singularity and Wormholes
  • Deep Bhattacharjee
Deep Bhattacharjee
Electro Gravitational Space Propulsion Laboratory

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The existence of the “Naked Singularity” has been shown taking the advantage of the Ring Singularity of the Kerr Black Hole and thereby making the way to manipulate the mathematics by taking the larger root of Δ as zero and thereby vanishing the ergosphere and event horizon making the way for the naked ring singularity which can be easily connected via a cylindrical wormhole and as ‘a wormhole is a black hole without an event horizon’ therefore, this cylindrical connection paved the way for the Einstein-Rosen Bridge allowing particles or null rays to travel from one universe to another ending up in a future directed Cauchy horizon while changing constantly from spatial to temporal and again spatial paving the entrance to another Kerr Black hole (which would act as a white hole) in the other universes.