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An OFDM based waveform for delay Doppler domain communication
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  • Swaroop Gopalam ,
  • Sibiraj Pillai ,
  • Philip Whiting ,
  • Hazer Inaltekin ,
  • Iain Collings ,
  • Stephen Hanly
Swaroop Gopalam
Macquarie University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sibiraj Pillai
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Philip Whiting
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Hazer Inaltekin
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Iain Collings
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Stephen Hanly
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This paper presents a new OFDM based modulation scheme for communication in doubly dispersive channels. We call this Delay-Doppler OFDM (DD-OFDM). Our waveform has the same sparse-channel benefits as orthogonal-time-frequency-space (OTFS) modulation, while offering advantages in terms of simpler channel estimation and lower out-of-band (OOB) emissions. We propose a DD-OFDM modulation scheme by introducing precoding across frames of frequency sub-carriers. We show that the resulting waveform has different data carrying basis functions compared to OTFS modulation. We present the DD-OFDM receiver and derive the base-band model equations. We show that the base- band model for DD-OFDM leads to a simple and accurate channel estimation algorithm in non-integer fractional Doppler channels.