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Developing an automated testing framework to support the validation of REDCap, an electronic data capture system
  • Adam De Fouw
Adam De Fouw
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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REDCap, a widely used electronic data capture tool for clinical and translational research, receives crucial support from various committees and groups within the extensive network of institutional collaborators known as the REDCap Consortium. For example, the Regulatory and Software Validation Committee defines and releases manual validation test scripts intended to aid institutions in the testing and validation efforts of their institutional REDCap deployments. Although these resources are important and valuable, the manual testing process itself has certain limitations such as time-consuming test execution and potential for inconsistent database state.
To address some of the limitations of manual testing, a group of software developers within the Regulatory and Software Validation Committee wrote and released automated feature test scripts using an automated testing framework called the REDCap Cypress Test Framework. This report provides an overview of the REDCap Cypress Test Framework and its potential to improve the testing and validation of REDCap through automated testing.