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Revolutionizing Education - Exploring the Potential of AI-Enabled Brain-Based Learning for Enhanced Cognitive Development
  • Victor Seaba
Victor Seaba
Illinois State University, Illinois State University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This research paper explores the integration of AI technology and Brain-Based Learning Theories in education, aiming to address a significant research gap and highlight their potential impact on cognitive development. While both AI technology and Brain-Based Learning Theories have been extensively studied and applied independently in the field of education, there is a lack of comprehensive research exploring their combined potential. This study delves into the theoretical foundations and guiding principles of brain-based learning, investigating its application in personalizing and enhancing learning experiences. It evaluates the current state of AI technology in education and examines how AI-powered brain-based learning techniques can improve student engagement, knowledge retention, and critical thinking skills. Ethical considerations and challenges associated with integrating AI into brain-based learning methodologies are acknowledged, and practical guidelines are provided for educators and decision-makers to effectively leverage AI in implementation. The research also examines the long-term effects of AI-enabled brain-based learning on educational systems, workforce readiness, and lifelong learning opportunities. Drawing on case studies and best practices from successful academic institutions, valuable insights are presented regarding the synergistic relationship between brain-based learning and AI. The paper proposes strategies for scaling and implementing AI-based brain-based learning approaches across diverse educational settings, with the aim of driving future innovations and advancements in education. Ultimately, this research sheds light on the transformative potential of AI-enabled brain-based learning, opening new avenues for educational improvement and advancement.