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A Mechatronic Shape-shifting Reflector System with True Independent Reflection Magnitude and Phase Control for Dynamic Beamforming
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  • Keigan MacDonell ,
  • Debidas Kundu ,
  • Colin Andersen ,
  • Leandro M. Rufail ,
  • Shulabh Gupta
Keigan MacDonell
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Debidas Kundu
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Colin Andersen
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Leandro M. Rufail
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Shulabh Gupta
Carleton University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A novel shape-shifting mechatronic reflector system is proposed and demonstrated experimentally with a variety of real-time beam-forming examples. The reflector system consists of a 1D array of panels of sub-wavelength split ring resonators (SRR) loaded with PIN-diodes for reflection magnitude control, and a stepper motor array which de-embeds each panel to accomplish column-by-column phase control, thus offering excellent decoupling between the magnitudes and phases. A complete system prototype is built including a printed circuit board (PCB) based resonator array forming the reflector front end, a stepper motor array assembly, a custom built chassis using 3D printed parts and a fully programmable analog and digital electronic backend for PIN-diode biasing and motor control. The real-time beam-forming feature of the proposed reflector system is further experimentally demonstrated using the illustrative examples of single beam steering with gain control and generation of asymmetric dual beam radiation patterns where the two beams are independently controlled - a capability unlocked through achieving true decoupling between the reflection magnitudes and phases.