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Enhancing Efficiency of Resilient Multipath Routed Elastic Optical Networks A Novel Approach for Coexisting Protected and Unprotected Services with Idle Slot Reuse
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  • Michael M. L. Cavalcanti ,
  • Gabriela W. Teixeira ,
  • Henrique Dinarte ,
  • Raul Almeida Jr. ,
  • Daniel Chaves
Michael M. L. Cavalcanti
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Gabriela W. Teixeira
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Henrique Dinarte
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Raul Almeida Jr.
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Daniel Chaves
University of Pernambuco

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this work we investigate a scenario in which protected and unprotected services coexist in an elastic optical network under dynamic traffic. In the investigated scenario, unprotected services can reuse the reserved idle bandwidth to provide protection to the protected services. Under this scenario, we propose a new heuristic algorithm that enables such reuse as well as we define and introduce the new assignment problem in elastic optical networks named as Transmission Spectrum Assignment (T-SA) problem. We evaluated the proposed algorithm through simulations and we observed that it was able to reduce the network blocking probability by at least 6%, 7% and 10% depending on the investigated topology.