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Design and Development of a Secure and Efficient Authentication System for Mobile Devices
  • Tapomoy Adhikari
Tapomoy Adhikari
Independent Researcher

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The proliferation of mobile technology has transformed the way I communicate, access information, and perform various activities. However, the increasing usage of mobile devices also introduces new challenges in terms of security and user authentication. Traditional password-based authentication mechanisms are often vulnerable to attacks such as brute-force, phishing, and dictionary attacks. Moreover, the limited input capabilities and small form factor of mobile devices impose additional constraints on authentication system design.
To address these challenges, I propose a novel authentication system specifically designed for mobile devices. Our system leverages the advantages of multi-factor authentication and biometric techniques to provide a robust and secure authentication mechanism. In this paper, I discuss the background and motivations for our research, review the existing literature on authentication systems, present the methodology and implementation details of our system, evaluate its performance, and conclude with insights and future research directions.