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An ESPRIT-Based Moving Target Sensing Method for MIMO-OFDM ISAC Systems
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  • Yang Xiang ,
  • Yuxing Gao ,
  • Xinru Yang ,
  • Shanqing Kang ,
  • Meiyun Shao
Yang Xiang
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Yuxing Gao
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Xinru Yang
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Shanqing Kang
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Meiyun Shao
School of Information Engineering

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The fusion of radar sensing and wireless communication has sparked much interest in the research of integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) systems, among which using MIMO-OFDM systems to sense moving targets is a key task. However, the existing FFT-based moving target parameter estimation methods are severely limited by grid resolution limitations, and the sensing scheme based on a single base station can only obtain the radial velocity of the target.
This paper transforms the problem of estimating moving target parameters into a generalized array signal form. A moving target estimation method based on the ESPRIT algorithm is proposed, achieving super-resolution and low-complexity estimation of target velocity and distance. Moreover, we offer a target actual velocity estimation scheme based on double BSs, in which the two-dimensional actual velocity vector can be estimated based on the radial velocity and geometric relationship. Simulation results have proved the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.
2023Published in IEEE Communications Letters on pages 1-1. 10.1109/LCOMM.2023.3325531