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Potential Working Principle for a Static Charge and Static Magnetic Motor
  • Chandrasegaran Narasimhan
Chandrasegaran Narasimhan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The document describes a potential (potential, it may never work) way to generate perpetual motion using static charge and static magnets. The magnets have to be manufactured in such a way to generate anisotropic magnetic field. The crux of the whole principle is whether anisotropic electric fields and anisotropic magnetic fields exists and whether that can be used to generate perpetual motion. In anisotropic fields, the energy you get out is greater than the energy you put in (that is the author’s prediction. He might be wrong about it). The author does not have the ability nor the infrastructure to test the idea. He wishes someone will do it for him. If the reader of this document thinks the idea is significant, please cite the author as a contributor of the idea. The author would like to be included as a co-author in such a work. The author would be surprised if it is a significant idea because so many people might have already thought about it and tried it.