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Max Planck Theory for Digital Image Processing: A New Algorithm for Mammogram Image Segmentation to Identify Masses in Regions of the Breast
  • Refat Mohammed Abdullah Eshaq
Refat Mohammed Abdullah Eshaq
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Refat Mohamed Abdullah Eshaq declares and claims the following:
1) We are the first to explore this phenomenon.
2) We are the first to invent this algorithm (Max Planck algorithm) for image segmentation, which is a completely new design in both the digital image processing and medicine fields.
3) Although the methodology appears simple, this work took a lot of research into and imagination of physical theories, especially the quantum theory of scientist Max Planck. We are the first to bring physical theory to digital image processing.
4) If this work is simple, why did computer scientists and medical scientists not discover and apply it before?
5) No one can use and develop this algorithm or merge it with any other algorithm under any circumstances without explicit permission from the authors of this paper, because we are the first to discover this phenomenon. If you redistribute the adjusted materials, the authors have the right to prosecute individuals, journals, institutions, and even governments.
6) These results are just part of our future work to merge Max-Planck theory and PID-NN (MinerNet) to create the optimal classification system.