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Bitcoin Unveiled: A Rational Exploration for Skeptical Minds
  • Dai-Long Ngo-Hoang
Dai-Long Ngo-Hoang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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From its inception in 2008 as an idea, Bitcoin has evolved into a functional system by 2009 and found its initial real-world usage in 2010, priced at less than $0.01 per coin. Over time, it has transformed into a globally recognized currency, with each coin valued at over $8,000 and the total market value exceeding $150 billion as of May 2020. Despite its impressive performance as one of the most lucrative investments in the last decade, Bitcoin remains a subject of controversy. Its nature as either a novel form of currency, a speculative bubble, or a combination of both is still debated.
While conventional investment frameworks are well-established for assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate, Bitcoin’s unique status as a monetary asset presents challenges in evaluation due to its rarity and infrequent appearance. This research paper introduces a straightforward and easy-to-understand framework to assess Bitcoin as a novel monetary asset.