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Automotive Charger Grid-Forming Control Opportunities for G2V and V2X Applications
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  • Elie Fayad ,
  • Damian Sal Y Rosas ,
  • Antoine Bruyère ,
  • Fredy Poirier
Elie Fayad
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Damian Sal Y Rosas
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Antoine Bruyère
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Fredy Poirier
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Given the widespread use of electric vehicles, they can be used in their idle state to provide services when connected to the grid or supply power in islanded operation using the bidirectional charger. Today, when connected to the grid, reversible chargers employ grid-following control, and when operating in islanded conditions, they use constant voltage constant frequency control. However, limitations exist for both control strategies. In this context, grid forming control can be used to operate in all cases. This paper showcases the potential of grid-forming control when applied to a reversible charger for different operation modes of electric vehicles.