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Blockchain Enterprise Architecture: Monolith or Microservices in the Financial Industries
  • Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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As blockchain technology gains prominence in the financial sector, the architectural frameworks guiding its integration play a crucial role in determining operational efficacy. This research delves into the architectural juxtaposition of monolithic versus microservices approaches, specifically within the context of blockchain applications tailored for financial enterprises. By analyzing the distinct attributes of these architectures, the study sheds light on their practical advantages and challenges, especially concerning scalability, security, transactional integrity, and seamless integration with existing financial systems. Drawing from real-world blockchain implementations in banking, trading, and insurance, the research provides actionable insights into the architectural intricacies that dictate system robustness, adaptability, and long-term viability. The ultimate goal of this exploration is to furnish financial institutions with pragmatic guidance, facilitating architectural decisions that resonate with their immediate operational needs and strategic aspirations.