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Bridging the Digital Divide
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  • Maurilio Matracia ,
  • Aniq Ur Rahman ,
  • Ruibo Wang ,
  • mustafa kishk ,
  • Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Maurilio Matracia

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Aniq Ur Rahman
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Ruibo Wang
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mustafa kishk
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Mohamed-Slim Alouini
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Digital divide refers to the gap between populations at different socio-economic levels with respect to their access to the Internet and communication technologies in general. In this chapter, we summarize the recent developments aimed at bridging such inequality from a technical and economic standpoint. After a preliminary discussion on alternative backhaul paradigms, we focus on space-, air-, and ground-based communication paradigms, as well as their integration. Subsequently, we discuss the affordability of these solutions, as it is primarily the economic aspect which hinders digital inclusion.