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Digital Twins of Supply Chains: A Systems Approach
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  • Vitor Jesus ,
  • Dimitra Kalaitzi,
  • Luciano Batista,
  • Nestor Leal Lopez
Vitor Jesus
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Dimitra Kalaitzi
Luciano Batista
Nestor Leal Lopez


We tackle the long-standing problem ofdigitalisation of Supply Chains, focusing on collaboration andsharing of information. By expanding and generalising the notionof Digital Twins, we review, develop, and conceptualise the(emerging) notion of Digital Twins of Supply Chains (DTofSC).Whereas Digital Twins is now an active research area with dataavailable from numerous industry projects, its application toSupply Chains is just emerging as a cross discipline which, in turn,stems from decades of maturing the notion of Digital SupplyChains. The concept is still imprecise beyond key metaphors (e.g.,visibility, traceability, control), but, as we conceptualise, theoverall vision is to create technical and organisational mechanismsenabling any Supply Chain to be monitored and controlled from,e.g., a simple dashboard screen – taking parallels with the Internet.After a literature review on the intersections between DigitalSupply Chains, Digital Twins, and emerging digital technologies(e.g. Blockchain). From this review, we (1) propose a synthesissystems architecture of DTofSC, (2) identify a key requirementgap (that we term addressability), and (3) to ground ourcontributions and in the absence of real-world use-cases inpractice, we apply our conceptualised systems architecture tobattery recycling based on feedback from a workshop.  
08 Jan 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
22 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv