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Machine Learning based Nanowire Classification method based on Nanowire Array Scanning Electron Microscope Images
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  • Enrico Brugnolotto ,
  • Preslav Aleksandrov ,
  • Marilyne Sousa ,
  • Vihar P. Georgiev
Enrico Brugnolotto
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Preslav Aleksandrov
University of Glasgow

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Marilyne Sousa
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Vihar P. Georgiev
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This article introduces an innovative classification methodology for identifying nanowires within scanning electron microscope images. Our approach employs advanced image manipulation techniques in conjunction with machine learning-based recognition algorithms. The effectiveness of our proposed method is demonstrated through its application to the categorization of scanning electron microscopy images depicting nanowires arrays. The method's capability to isolate and distinguish individual nanowires within an array is the primary factor in the observed accuracy. The foundational data set for model training comprises scanning electron microscopy images featuring 240 III-V nanowire arrays grown with metal organic chemical vapor deposition on silicon substrates. Each of these arrays consists of 66 nanowires. The results underscore the model's proficiency in discerning distinct wire configurations and detecting parasitic crystals. Our approach yields an average F1 score of 0.91, indicating high precision and recall. Such a high level of performance and accuracy of the ML methods demonstrate the viability of our technique for not only academic but also practical commercial implementation and usage.