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Does anyone care about opinion of people on living in the metaverse?
  • Stefano Mottura
Stefano Mottura
National Research Council - Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Metaverse is now a famous topic in society. The Meta company (former Facebook) explicitly strives for realizing it as a new internet, based on virtual reality, augmented reality and on the integration of smart devices. This actualization provoked great attention on metaverse (regardless of Meta) in the scientific world; the hottest topics include: system architecture, enabling technologies, privacy, ethical and security issues, business. It seems that the proposal of Meta is something going beyond advanced ICT solutions and that it is focused on something similar to a new type of life. What is the opinion, the awareness of people about living in the metaverse? After a literature search, few results have been found. Some considerations and a draft of items for a surveying tool are depicted.