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Sub-domain Model for Induction Motor with More Accurate Realization of Tooth-Saturation
  • Rajendra Kumar
Rajendra Kumar
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Incorporation of magnetic saturation and its aftereffects have been challenging for sub-domain based analytical electric motor models. The proposed model utilizes the direct phenomenal impact of magnetic saturation on spatial variation of the core's permeability to formulate the effective tooth width. Implementation of the proposed method does not need an additional domain or magnetic vector-potential dependent term to include the saturation and hence, provides an efficient approach. The developments derived from the proposed method are seen in better estimation of motor's power factor, breakdown torque, and additional iron loss due to tooth pulsation and surface eddy currents. Prediction capability of the model is demonstrated with the experimental and finite element results of an 11 kW, four-pole induction motor for a wide range of operation.