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The Logical Modeling of Multi-process Monitoring Systems
  • Saruipamade Pavakoamiea
Saruipamade Pavakoamiea
Namibe Research Institute of Engineering and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper presents a logical modeling of a multi-process monitoring system that uses a formal model to verify the correctness and efficiency of the system. The system consists of multiple processes that run in parallel and communicate with each other through private channels. The system uses an accelerated kernel interpreter to execute the connection models on different subsets of the multi-process data. The paper describes the main operations and functions of the system, such as allocating, setting up, switching, and running the multi-process connections. The paper also provides several assertions that check the validity of the parameters and the results of the system. The paper demonstrates how the logical modeling of the multi-process monitoring system can improve the reliability and performance of the system.