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Radar Near-Field Sensing Using Metasurface for Biomedical Applications
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  • Mohammad Omid Bagheri ,
  • Ali Gharamohammadi ,
  • Serene Abu-Sardanah ,
  • Omar M. Ramahi ,
  • George Shaker
Mohammad Omid Bagheri
University of Waterloo

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ali Gharamohammadi
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Serene Abu-Sardanah
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Omar M. Ramahi
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George Shaker
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The antennas and metasurfaces designed for biomedical applications operate primarily in the far-field rather than the near-field. Working in the near-field is considerably more intricate in both design and theory. Furthermore, the proposed methodologies are unsuitable for seamless integration with a radar system that seeks to offer an efficient and streamlined approach to achieve heightened sensing. Our research highlights the potential of metasurfaces in redefining radar-based sensing. By integrating metasurface principles specifically designed for near-field focusing into radar design, we unlock new possibilities for high-resolution biomedical sensing with real-time capabilities.