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Spatial Domain based Self-Interference Cancellation Techniques in Full-Duplex Massive MIMO Systems
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  • Xuan Chen ,
  • Vincent Savaux ,
  • Matthieu Crussière,
  • Patrick Savelli ,
  • Koffi-Clément YAO
Xuan Chen

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Vincent Savaux
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Matthieu Crussière
Patrick Savelli
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Koffi-Clément YAO
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This paper deals with a massive multiple-input multiple- output (mMIMO) full-duplex (FD) communication system. We propose new spatial domain self-interference cancellation (SIC) techniques. The main idea is to treat the self-interference (SI) signal emitted from the FD node as another spatial stream that needs to be precoded in the null space of the MIMO channel that includes that node as an output. To this end, an additional RF chain is needed at the transmitter to cancel the SI signal. On this basis, we derive the expressions of the spatial precoders with respect to the conventional zero forcing (ZF) and minimum mean square error precoding (MMSE) criteria. Furthermore, the originality of the analysis lies in the consideration of SWM for modeling the SI channel, which is justified by the close proximity of the transmit and receive antenna panels in the FD node. Simulations show the relevance of the study. We verify the SIC efficiency in the spatial domain using the derived ZF and MMSE precoders by analyzing their relative performance in terms of spectral efficiency. We also highlight the robustness of our SWM-based SI channel compared to classic planar wave model (PWM) and therefore the need for using it.