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Multi-functional Metasurface as a Transmissive/Reflective FSS and an On-Air Frequency Mixer
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  • Anand Kumar ,
  • Saikiran Kongari ,
  • Yugesh Chandrakapure ,
  • Debdeep Sarkar
Anand Kumar
Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Science

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Saikiran Kongari
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Yugesh Chandrakapure
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Debdeep Sarkar
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In this paper a multi-functional metasurface is proposed which can work as a narrowband transmissive/reflective frequency selective surface (FSS) and an on-air frequency mixer based on its switching response. The metasurface is made up of unit cells with square and circular metallic loops connected by PIN diodes that are controlled by a biasing source. In contrast to typical wideband FSSs, the structure provides 0.55 GHz of narrow stopband (a fractional bandwidth of 22\%) at 2 GHz in the OFF state bias. The bandstop response can be adjusted by varying the reverse bias voltage. The metasurface alternates between its functionalities when in forward bias by providing a passband at the operational frequency. The structure is compact and operates as a transmissive/reflective surface under two different bias conditions (ON and OFF). The design is angularly stable and polarization-insensitive for both TE and TM polarisation. A prototype of the designed structure is developed and the measured results correlate well with the simulated responses. On-air frequency mixing for a wave propagating through the metasurface is experimentally demonstrated and effects of different parameters affecting the mixing are parametrically studied.