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Multipath-RTI: Millimeter-Wave Radio Based Device-Free Localization
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  • Togo Ikegami,
  • Minseok Kim,
  • Yuto Miyake,
  • Hibiki Tsukada
Togo Ikegami
Minseok Kim
Niigata University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Yuto Miyake
Hibiki Tsukada


This paper presents a novel localization technique—Multipath-radio tomographic imaging (RTI)—based on millimeterwave (mm-wave) radio systems, such as 5G mobile and WiGig LAN systems. Because of their high delay and angle resolutions, mm-wave radio systems can realize highly accurate device-free localization (DFL) for smart home/smart building applications. They can thus easily separate the multipath components. The Multipath-RTI can drastically reduce the number of anchor nodes using virtual nodes created by multipaths. This paper established the signal processing procedure for RTI image generation and position estimation using Multipath-RTI. Then, a practical signal processing scheme, ray-tracing-assisted Multipath-RTI, is presented, and the DFL results obtained by multilink double-directional channel sounding measurements are shown. Here, the position estimation errors in the measurements were less than 0:5 m for all target positions. Furthermore, the empirical position estimation errors for a single target under various conditions obtained by simulations were less than 0:5 m in 96.2 % and 88.0 % of the areas in an L-shaped room and a room with an obstacle in the center, respectively. The position estimation accuracy for multiple targets was also evaluated, where, for example, the errors for three targets were less than 0.1 m at 50 % probability with failure rates of less than 20 %.
22 Mar 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
29 Mar 2024Published in TechRxiv