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Rethinking Number Theory, Prime Numbers as Finite Entities and the Topological Constraints on Division in a Real Number Line
  • Budee U Zaman
Budee U Zaman

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper, we challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding prime numbers and their infinite nature, diverging from the Riemann hypothesis. We argue that prime numbers are, in fact, finite entities with profound implications for number theory. Our investigation reveals inherent flaws in number theory's applicability to the real number line, which comprises an infinite continuum between whole numbers. We explore the connection to modular mathematics, highlighting the topological constraints on number division, ultimately leading to the neglect of the historical significance of whole numbers. Furthermore, we propose a novel perspective on the relationship between prime numbers and the fundamental principles of physics, particularly in the context of general relativity calculus. We assert that spacetime itself may be composed of prime number multiples of particle pairs, providing a solution to the potential consequences of forces acting with an infinite finitude through self-division. This paper challenges conventional mathematical and physical paradigms, offering a fresh perspective on the finite nature of prime numbers and its far-reaching implications for our understanding of the universe.