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Predictive Modelling of Optical Beam from Mixed Pitch Grating using Simplified Transformer Models
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  • Yu Dian Lim ,
  • Peng Zhao ,
  • Luca Guidoni ,
  • Jean-Pierre Likforman ,
  • Chuan Seng Tan
Yu Dian Lim
Nanyang Technological University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Peng Zhao
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Luca Guidoni
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Jean-Pierre Likforman
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Chuan Seng Tan
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In this study, a simplified transformer model is used to predict the beam waist of 1,092 nm light coupled out from SiN-based mixed pitch gratings at various heights. Two regions are isolated as the prediction target. With the grating located at z = 10 µm height, Region B ranges between 10 to 30 µm; while Region A ranges between 25 to 45 µm. Between the predicted and actual beam waists, average percentage error (APE) of 41.5% is obtained for Region B, which indicates a prediction accuracy of 58.5%. Meanwhile, for Region A, APE value of 15.2% is obtained, which indicates a prediction accuracy of 84.8%. This study provides a pioneering approach to using natural language processing model and finance-inspired indicators to perform predictive modelling on photonics data.