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Mitigating Road Traffic Crashes in Urban Environments: A Case Study and Literature Review-based Approach
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  • Crispus Musingura ,
  • Gunwoo Lee ,
  • YongHan Ahn ,
  • Kibum Kim
Crispus Musingura
Hanyang University- Erica Campus, Hanyang University- Erica Campus, Hanyang University- Erica Campus, Hanyang University- Erica Campus

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Gunwoo Lee
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YongHan Ahn
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Kibum Kim
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Road traffic crashes in urban areas pose significant safety and efficiency challenges. This paper presents an approach,  merging case studies and literature reviews, to mitigate urban road traffic crashes and enhance safety. The study commences with an extensive literature review, delving into existing research on road traffic crashes. This review establishes the groundwork for comprehending urban road safety solutions, insights into ongoing research trends, and guiding case study selection. Three case studies parallel analogous cities where Intelligent  Transportation Systems and other smart city initiatives targeting  road safety succeeded. Each case dissects safety interventions,  accomplishments, and lessons learned. Scrutinizing these studies  aims to unveil trends underpinning a holistic road safety strategy.  From literature and case studies, a comprehensive road safety  strategy emerges. It leverages advanced technology, data insights,  and proactive measures to enhance road safety, curtail accidents,  and optimize urban traffic. This research yields an all?encompassing road safety strategy for policymakers, planners,  and safety practitioners to elevate urban road safety. It promotes  secure, efficient, technologically advanced urban areas, endorsing  sustainable transportation, elevating residents’ lives, and  positioning cities as urban mobility leaders. Furthermore, this  study contributes to the academic literature on road safety and  urban transportation. Through case studies and literature  reviews, it supplements knowledge about effective road traffic  crash mitigation strategies. These insights have the potential to  guide future research, advancing road safety and urban  transportation domains.