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Ordered Reliability Direct Error Pattern Testing Decoding Algorithm
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  • Reza Hadavian ,
  • Xiaoting Huang ,
  • Dmitri Truhachev ,
  • Kamal El-Sankary ,
  • Hamid Ebrahimzad ,
  • Hossein Najafi
Reza Hadavian
Dalhousie University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Xiaoting Huang
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Dmitri Truhachev
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Kamal El-Sankary
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Hamid Ebrahimzad
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Hossein Najafi
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We propose a new decoding algorithm for binary codes called ordered reliability direct error pattern testing (ORDEPT) which is based on completion of partial error patterns arranged in the order of likelihood. Based on ORDEPT we proposed a new adaptive-hybrid algorithm for decoding of product codes. The proposed algorithms outperform state-of-the-art decoders on various metrics for a variety of single and product-like codes.