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Remapping of stance-phase tactile foot sensation to the back modulates locomotor perception with limited adaptation
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  • Atena Fadaei Jouybari ,
  • Nathanael Ferraroli ,
  • Mohamed Bouri ,
  • Selim Habiby Alaoui ,
  • Oliver Kannape ,
  • Olaf Blanke
Atena Fadaei Jouybari
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Nathanael Ferraroli
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Mohamed Bouri
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Selim Habiby Alaoui
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Oliver Kannape
Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève (HUG)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Olaf Blanke
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We developed an untethered robotic system that provides walking-related sensory feedback remapped non-invasively to the wearerâ\euro™s back. Using the so-called FeetBack system, we investigated how accurately healthy individuals can monitor remapped, tactile locomotor feedback (motor awareness) and how this affects their walking characteristics (adaptation).