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Wireless optical communication through different media using superoscillation function as amplitude modulation
  • Amir Handelman ,
  • Ashraf Zindan ,
  • Yosef Ben-Ezra
Amir Handelman
Holon Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ashraf Zindan
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Yosef Ben-Ezra
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As wireless optical communication becomes a key technology in many applications such as internet-of-underwater-things (IoWT) and inter-satellite communication, investigation of different modulation schemes has become essential. In this paper, we address the issue of whether it is possible to wirelessly transmit a modulated light signal at a frequency beyond the signal’s band-limit. We show that by using a superoscillation function as the amplitude modulating signal, it is possible to wirelessly transmit the optical signal through various media such as free-space, underwater and even turbulent underwater, and still preserve the superoscillatory nature of the signal with the property that it contains a component that oscillates faster than the signalâ\euro™s highest Fourier component. We also present cases where the received optical signal is distorted and quantify distortionÂ