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Low Complexity Signature Estimation of Near-Field Spatial-Wideband Systems
  • Shrayan Das ,
  • Debarati Sen ,
  • Emanuele Viterbo
Shrayan Das
Monash University, Monash University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Debarati Sen
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Emanuele Viterbo
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 This letter proposes a low-complexity one-snapshot two-step signature estimation algorithm for a sparse multipath near-field spatial-wideband system. With upcoming sub-THz systems expected to have a large number of antennas, the transmitted wideband signal is not only sensitive to the physical propagation delay across the array aperture but the resulting wavefront is no longer locally planar. We use a combination of discrete Fourier and discrete linear chirp transform-based techniques to estimate the spatial wideband signature of such a system. Further, we propose an iterative neighbourhood search to acquire super-resolution estimates of the scatterer locations, delays and angle of arrival of the multipaths and show that they are asymptotically optimal approaching their respective Cramer- Rao bounds.Â
10 Apr 2024Submitted to TechRxiv