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A Practical Large-Scale Roadside Multi-View Multi-Sensor Spatial Synchronization Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems
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  • Yong Li ,
  • Zhiguo Zhao ,
  • Yunli Chen ,
  • Rui Tian
Zhiguo Zhao
Beijing University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yunli Chen
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Spatial synchronization in roadside scenarios is essential for integrating data from multiple sensors at different locations. Current methods using cascading spatial transformation (CST) often lead to cumulative errors in large-scale deployments. Manual camera calibration is insufficient and requires extensive manual work, and existing methods are limited to controlled or single-view scenarios. To address these challenges, our research introduces a parallel spatial transformation (PST)-based framework for large-scale, multi-view, multi-sensor scenarios. PST parallelizes sensor coordinate system transformation, reducing cumulative errors. We incorporate deep learning for precise roadside monocular global localization, reducing manual work. Additionally, we use geolocation cues and an optimization algorithm for improved synchronization accuracy. Our framework has been tested in real-world scenarios, outperforming CST-based methods. It significantly enhances large-scale roadside multi-perspective, multi-sensor spatial synchronization, reducing deployment costs.