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Deep Learning-Based Frequency Offset Estimation
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  • Tao Chen ,
  • Shilian Zheng ,
  • Jiawei Zhu ,
  • Qi Xuan ,
  • Xiaoniu Yang
Tao Chen
Zhejiang University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shilian Zheng
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Jiawei Zhu
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Xiaoniu Yang
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In wireless communication systems, the asynchronization of the oscillators in the transmitter and the receiver along with the Doppler shift due to relative movement may lead to the presence of carrier frequency offset (CFO) in the received signals. Estimation of CFO is crucial for subsequent processing such as coherent demodulation. In this brief, we demonstrate the utilization of deep learning for CFO estimation by employing a residual network (ResNet) to learn and extract signal features from the raw in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) components of the signals. We use multiple modulation schemes in the training set to make the trained model adaptable to multiple modulations or even new signals. In comparison to the commonly used traditional CFO estimation methods, our proposed IQ-ResNet method exhibits superior performance across various scenarios including different oversampling ratios, various signal lengths, and different channels.