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Survey of Linux Based Free Software Tools for Electrical and Computer Engineering
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  • Dr. Bilal Wajid ,
  • Hasan Iqbal ,
  • Momina Jamil ,
  • ali anwar
Dr. Bilal Wajid
Sabz Qalam

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hasan Iqbal
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Momina Jamil
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ali anwar
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Undergraduate program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is a four years curriculum where students work on a number of software to complete their coursework. These tools are accessible to students in university where students spend several hours to complete their assignments, a process not doable under COVID-19 global lockdown. Hence, students either (i) access their university labs remotely via virtual private networks, or in the absence of remote access either (sadly) (ii) resort to using pirated software, or (regretfully) (iii) are deprived of hands-on knowledge of the course. In this (post) Covid-19 era, educators are required to adopt their teaching pedagogy to ensure maximum delivery of their course material. In an attempt to facilitate experimental learning, this humble effort provides a detailed survey of Linux-based tools coupled with their corresponding coursework within ECE with the hope that the content provided in this paper will be of some relief to students and teachers engaged in ECE education globally.